Build Your Own House Comp


4. Review and Order


Floor Plan and Trim:

You have a plot of buildable land! There you are, just a decision away from your dream home. Here you can select a shape that is compatible with your plot and with your lifestyle.

Whether you have in mind the exact number of rooms fit for your family, or you’d rather start small and allow your house to grow in time by adding modules, you can start by configuring your ILU home here. Place a non-binding order and one of our consultants will be in touch with you shortly.

The hereby images are a mere example of the proposed design, colors may vary as we work with natural materials. Original samples will be shown upon request by our designer. For more details contact us and request complete technical sheet. ILU house concept is intellectual property of Terra-Vis and any unauthorized intervention may represent an infrigement sanctionable under applicable law

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