“I” shape: light and simplicity.

1 bedroom, gross area 88.4mp, net area 79mp Trim “

TRIM "Air"

3 layers wood panel, 19 mm, Poplar veneer, Natural, non-toxic, biodegradable, PH neutral
impregnated fire and humidity retardant treated wood products which have the best
opportunities for increased durability, natural stone, equipped kitchen and bathroom, Certified to
highest European standards

Total: 167.960€ + VAT
The hereby images are a mere example of the proposed design, colors may vary as we work with natural materials.
Original samples will be shown upon request by our designer. For more details contact us and request complete
technical sheet. ILU house concept is intellectual property of Terra-Vis and any unauthorized intervention may represent
an infrigement sanctionable under applicable law.

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