How Our Homes Save you Time and Money

While the need for quality, cost-effective homes has never been greater, home builders count reliability high on their list when house shopping. As prefab homes weigh in at 10 to 30% cheaper per square foot, their convenience and manufacturing benefits make it an accessible and sustainable housing choice. Both material and labour costs are dramatically reduced when your materials arrive prepped and ready to assemble. Not only does this equal less stress and headache for your family, it equals dollars saved. Less time renting, and hiring a crew to create materials on site allows your labour costs to be cut quite dramatically.

When choosing to work with Ilu House, you can expect a modern prefab home that is crafted with high functioning features ready to build and instill. From fully functional wood panel floors and walls to high-quality windows, door and stairs, the process of prefabricated building greatly speeds up the consutrucion time of your build. The beauty of manufacturing your parts prior to construction is your materials can be pretreated with weather protection that save you a separate cost later down the road. Not only does this help you skip extra costs and save you time, all materials arrive accurately measured and ready for installation. As you design your modular home, a variety of design templates can help you choose a layout that maintains character while maximize the use of your space. Our priority is helping you find a design that meets your expectations to ensure a smooth build. 

Another exciting development in the world of prefab homes, is how progressive designs are in the world or green solar energy. As you design your dream home, you have the option to maximize the layout of your sustainable home to harnesses solar energy. Features such as solar water and hot water tanks to LED lights allow you to save on costly electrical bills for maximum value of these materials. Your power bills will thank you for adding these eco friendly features that not only benefit your budget but also the environment.

From labour costs, to equipment production, there are many benefits from choosing a prefabricated home build. At Ilu House, we are here to walk you through the best choices and options for your needs as you create a modern prefab sustainable home.

For any further questions about prefabricated homes, we are happy to answer any and all inquiries to help you find the right design for you home.

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