What are modular homes

Modular homes or prefabricated homes such as ILU House are specialised houses where the components are constructed off-site, to be assembled and finished on-site.

Why do some people prefer modular homes over traditionally built homes?

Building a dream house looks a bit different these days. It’s not just about finding a design that suits your needs, or an architect that gets your vision. The hard part starts when you decide to start building. Choosing builders, building methods, materials, foundations, project managers, timelines, all within budget is sometimes a thing worthy of a fairytale.

Modular homes however take all that headache away and do all the hard work for you. For example, at ILU House you can build your home in 4 simple steps:

  1. You choose your preferred shape and number of bedrooms
  2. You choose your trim (meaning your favourite fitting and materials used) which apply to every room in the house
  3. Your cost is automatically calculated so you can cross-check this immediately against your budget
  4. Discuss with ILU House team your location, permits and timeline

What are the benefits of modular homes such as ILU House?

  • They’re cost effective and cost transparent from the get-go. No more second-guessing how much it will cost to add another bedroom or another material. Your choices are calculated automatically and you know what you pay from the get-go.

Because modular homes have been thought through by a team of experts costs are also considerably lower than if you were to start looking for materials yourself.

  • Quick build time. Once you get your permits, building can look a lot like piecing together a puzzle. Modular home building can be built in weeks, as opposed to years if you were to build it on your own.
  • Sustainability – modular homes are measured accurately and waste no materials. Also the construction and assembly process is seamless which means that have very little environmental impact.
  • Durability & Value appreciation – modular homes have a safer more reliable way of building than traditionally built structures. Because of this they require less maintenance and hold their value in the market.

At ILU House we have an online simulator where you can preview your future modular home in less than 5 minutes. Curious what that looks like? Click here.

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