Being produced in EU, ILU has a free access on all European Union markets plus countries such as Switzerland, Norway and Iceland.

We deliver a full set of basic engineering package to be checked and adjusted by your local architect according to the specific local requirements.

Connection to the utilities is the responsibility of the landowner.

The foundation is the responsibility of the landowner, we can send a detailed guide for 3 options: concrete pillars, concrete slab, metal pillars.

ILU is built using a hybrid process : structure is prefabricated in our facility, using high precision cutting assisted by computer technology. The structure is assembled on site, followed by the rest of the elements to make the house airtight and watertight. Most of the materials are carefully measured and prepared in our factory in order to optimize deadlines and waste on site.

A specialized team will put together all elements according to an elaborated execution project. Our team is composed of architects, structural engineers, interior designers, supervisors, general construction specialists, CNC operators,  carpenters, electricians, plumbers.

ILU houses are completely ready to move in, they have a fully functional fitted bathroom and kitchen, solid wood floors and wood panels cladded walls, high quality windows, doors, stairs, terraces.


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