About us


Through our work, we express consideration for the richness of the earth and for our human relationship with the environment. This is why our designs are in empathy with nature and the materials we use come in a most gentle and sustainable way to compose a home.

We are ferm believers in the Paris Agreement and trying to do our share towards carbon neutrality. Our factory uses roof top photovoltaic energy and electric mobilityWe own and preserve a 1 ha pine forest and we have planted 600 new trees. We aim for 0 waste in the production process and on the building site.

The Journey


We strive to meet your own needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own. You can trust the ILU Home team to guide you every step of the way. We are committed to providing the highest level of attention and personal service throughout the
entire process


The Journey


  • Photovoltaic energy source to cover the electricity consumption
  • Ecological water heating pump
  • Natural interior free from PVC
  • Zero waste on the worksite
  • Local materials whenever available


  • Uncompromising quality and value at a fair price.
  • Save money on utilities.
  • Low maintenance exterior shell


  • Generous window openings
  • Fully equipped kitchen
  • Natural ventilation integrated system
  • bathroom floor heating
  • high-end bathroom fittings


Sustainable living starts in the place you call ‘home’. We promote a sustainable building system that uses 88% natural materials.

We challenge traditional building ways, facilitating access to quality ecological living, away from pollution and crowded cities. We lead the way for the ultimate design and comfort.


We really wanted a good solid permanent house, not some kind of week-end shed, we are so happy to settle in and just relax.
Part of a young couple
Dead-lines were respected and for me, that's a big plus. I could plan everything well in advance and the ILU team was very open and communicative.
Alexander T.
I started by looking at cheaper houses but I was not really comfortable with compromising quality. So we chose ILU and I can definitely feel that it's worth every penny.
Ana Maria N.
Part of a family of 5


 ILU is the latest project of the experienced Terra-Vis, a construction company focused on building eco houses and applying efficient eco solutions on the residential buildings. A dedicated team of architects, engineers and interior designers have put together their creative efforts to shape a concept to serve the contemporary living.

Being part of the well established Terra-Vis group, www.terravis.com, we apply the knowledge gained through years of more complex building processes.

ILU project is our response to the necessities of the new reality we all live in

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